“Freemasonry is one of the oldest and largest, non religious, non political fraternal organisations. Freemasonry teaches self knowledge through participation in a progression of ceremonies”

(United Grand Lodge of England)

There are 2 main Lodges and several chapter orders who meet in Darwen. These gentlemen strive to uphold their morals and values in life, and they vow to help others achieve the same.

Freemasonry has a wonderful social side as well, bringing families and friends together to raise money for many local, national and worldwide charities such as:

  • East Lancashire Hospice
  • Derian House
  • North West Blood Bikes

To name but a few.

There are no religious or political restrictions to becoming a freemason. The only criteria to join are to be a gentleman of good standing, over the age of 21, with no criminal convictions.

Those wishing to join our fraternity are welcome to visit Darwen Masonic Hall to meet some of our members to talk more in depth about what it is all about.